Nico Less chair is a response to the human need to reduce our carbon imprint on the planet and to rediscover waste as an industrial material of the future. Re-thinking a new philosophy of socially responsible, sustainable design.

Nico Less


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award-winning Beatnik lets you enjoy in your private cocoon. Beatnik is available both, as a state-of-the-art sound station chair with integrated speakers and multimedia accessories or as an exclusive private cocoon


designed by GIGODESIGN

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Collodi Chair is a response to ever growing problem of plastic pollution and a proof that sustainability, when designed right, enhances rather than compromises on the ergonomic and aesthetic features of the product.


designed by Andraž Šapec

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This futuristically shaped office chair with its attractive distinctive shape, convienced by renowned Danish designer Mads Odgård allows for many hours and many ways of comfortable sitting while bringing a funky vibe to the space.


designed by Mads Odgård

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Few of our products

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Video: Re-thinking our philosophy of SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, SUSTAINABLE DESIGN


Working with the material we have the most. And that is trash!


Re-inventing the flexibility

Using just heat and pressure, we achieved comfortable seating by adapting the shape to the human body.



Designers, Architects, Clients

Donar is a contemporary Slovenian company with a great understanding what design really is. With their respect to tradition and exquisite sustainable strategy, makes co-operation with Donar a special challenge and a great pleasure.

Products: Nico Less, Venice Sofa, Larson Sofa

Architect & Designer Primož Jeza

'Keep it simple and the Earth livable...' Together we develop new products. The ambition is to improve the detail and create beautiful objects.  That's what design is all about.

Products: Ergo+, Sola, Corner Sofa

Designer Mads Odgård

Demucho used the Beatnik chairs for a lounge area of Urban Tribe fitness Club in Berlin. The chairs are great eye cathers and get good response, the acoustic is great when you sit inside. It was a pleasure to work with Donar. They are professional and flexible and keep innovating their products. The focus on using sustainable/recycled materials we found a major plus.

Architect Petra Van Veelen