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All components for our products are made from responsible sources/suppliers.

We have ensured the minimum use of sources with using industrial residuals instead of fresh made material if it is available.

What we use?

Felt made of recycled plastic bottles
Most of the seats and shells of our chairs are made of felt, produced from recycled plastic bottles. By using a special technology that involves grinding, pressing and molding, this soft yet durable material provides endless options when it comes to forms and colors. And a clear conscience when it comes to the future of our planet.

Sustainably sourced wood
Having been the go-to furniture material for centuries, wood remains undefeated when it comes to furniture frames and bases. Easily withstanding decades of heavy-duty use, the wooden parts of our products can be repaired over and over again – and repurposed once the product is no longer in use.

Hemp fabric
Being one of the fastest-growing and most versatile plants on the planet, hemp is an obvious choice among environmentally conscious fabrics. Strong and durable, yet soft and comfortable, it plays a central role in our program of upholstered furniture.

100% Recycled Wool
Environmentally friendly fabric made of recycled wool, suitable for multi-purpose use.