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Project: Faculty of Electro Engineering (Slovenia)
Service: Upholstered acoustics

Felt acoustics require no adhesive glue, made entirely from recycled materials. They are sustainable, effective, and simple to apply.
Did you know? Felt acoustics not only enhance aesthetics but also tackle echoes!

Project: Httpool office (Slovenia)

Step into the world of Httpool, where innovation meets creativity in a harmonious blend of technology and design. Blending sustainability with our FELT acoustics, reducing echoing, adding a sustainable yet innovative impact.


Project: Impact Hub (Slovenia)
Arhitects: Peppermilk design
Service: Seating solutions

Impacting is based on aligned words and actions. That is why we were aiming to impact together with IMPACT HUB.
Make-up chair is made from recycled material, in order to align with their vision.
You can do it, too.


Project: Porsche Zagreb (Croatia)
Service: Upholstery

Re-use, it is about being smart of reusing the material our Earth has given us. We are able to upholster desk offices into brand a new identity. Avoiding the hassle of extra costs and new materials being thrown away.


Project: Residential Apartments
Service: Seating solutions

When in doubt, thinking of a timeless yet eco-friendly chair, Nico less WW2 is your go to. Decorating your dinning table with a bigger purpose and a great conversation starter. Fun facts: With every Nico Less chair made, there are approximately 70 plastic bottles saved* from the environment.


Project: Kuklica Smerek (Slovakia)
Service: Seating solutions, C2210

Bringing sustainability into industrial or minimalistic interiors adds a special touch. We combine elegance with a green impact, making a positive change. And here's a fun fact: It's comfier than it looks, and you can even add a cushion for extra comfort! Designers: Aleš and Boštjan Gabrijlečič


Project: Lolita Fraport - Located in Ljubljana Airport
Architects: TRIIIJE, 2021  
Photographer: Miran Kambič

The third Lolita bar is located at the arrivals gate of Ljubljana airport. The typical Lolita interior is this time complemented by our Nico Less chairs and Nicolino bar stools in white and black.  With placement 42 Nico Less chairs, approximately 3,000 bottles and 88.0 kg of CO2 emissions were saved.


Project: Triglav Skladi
Architects: Arhionik

The project includes a complete renovation of business premises, functional adaptation of the premises to the needs of the new user, energy rehabilitation and interior design. Workspaces are equipped with our Soulmate office chairs, which will take care of the healthy spines of the users.


Project: Hotel Bohinj
Architects: Ofis arhitects


Project: Football stadium Ljudski vrt, Maribor


Project: A Sound chair that reads books, Retirement home Fužine
Architects: Prostorož


Project: Marles house