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PRIMOZJEZASTUDIO was founded in 1994 and has since created many architectural and interior designs, most of which have been successfully realized. Founder Primož Jeza is an architect and an assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.During his architectural studies he also engaged in graphic design and scenography — he designed the sets for more than 40 promotional and short films.

Primož’s work has been featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad (Ljubljana, Moscow, Belgrade, Lisbon, Hamburg, Cologne, Birmingham, Milan, Paris, London, etc.). In 2008, he published a book entitled Interiors by Primož Jeza/9 + 1 (Interieri Primož Jeza/9 + 1) that showcases ten of his most notable interior design projects for public spaces.

His talent has been recognized on several occasions: in 1998, he received the Plečnik Student Recognition award for his exceptional work both in and outside his studies; in 2008, he received formal recognition from the rector of the University of Ljubljana for his artistic achievements in architecture. His most recent award is Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 for Nico Less chair.

As an elementary and high school student he engaged in music. He founded and played in several music groups and recorded 3 music albums.



The Danish designer Mads Odgård (1960 to present), is a leading figure in a new generation of international designers. He is a minimalist and a 'less is more' man, who would rather deduct than add. More than anything, he believes that excellent design must be logical and functional if it is to endure.


‘Keep it simple and the world livable’



Gigodesign’s team of 20 multidisciplinary designers co-operate on a daily basis, always putting users needs at the core of the every project. Long-term client relationships, clients returns on design investments and multiple awards prove wealth of our experience and the sustained quality of our output.


Garbage In, Garbage Out



Desnahemisfera, in translation the right brain hemisphere, is highly emotional, visual, optical, vibrant, intuitive and meditative. Its interests are primarily, our own self awareness and its depths, where it finds happiness and discovers the meaning of life.

We feel very passionate about design and creative thinking. We get excited when we see a product that's right on. We have sincere conversations about why the sofa that we just sit on missed the mark by 'this much,' and we've been known to do a happy dance when a prototype piece comes back beautiful and perfect, smelling of fresh paint or fabric. We can help a client's product appeal and explain a complicated process to the end-user. We help clients do what they do better and help their clients understand their product or service and hence want it more.

Sometimes being successful is more than just about strategy, it's also about what feels right and finding the right people. If we were to boil it down our philosophy is this: We believe that if you are aware of your limits you will most likely stop there! So we have a profound commitment to find innovative design solutions beyond the borders of the things we know and we are used to! We try extremely hard to do this for people we enjoy, with products we believe in and having fun while we are at it.



Product designer bringing simplicity to complex tasks and creating elegance with character.

In design, nothing happens by chance. Each seemingly effortless solution has to be grounded in careful research with regards to the client’s wants and needs. I believe in seeing each project through from its inception to the end result, and then further on through long-term collaboration, as only in-depth and trusting relationships build solid brands and measurable results. Through my work, I try not only to execute well-designed products, but also work with clients in recognising the value of thinking outside the well-established thought patterns, and implementing new technologies, approaches, processes and values.

For over a decade, I’ve been working with Gigodesign, a multidisciplinary design agency from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Some awards for his work include:

Red Dot Award 2019 for Collodi chair (for DONAR), European Innovation Award for Adria Mobil caravan interiors (2012, 2013 and 2017) with Gigodesign,Red Dot Award for Product Design for Sitty folding chair (2010), with Gigodesign,Food Packaging Design Award by the Finnish company Stora Enso (2005), student work.



ARHITEKTURA is a firm where the combined expertise and creativity of two generations align with a shared cultural goal: crafting exceptional architecture. Their approach blends rationality and poetry, creating designs that emerge organically from their spatial, historical, technological, and social context. At their Ljubljana office, architects, model makers, interior, and product designers collaborate to enrich spatial experiences in architecture, urban planning, and design since 1997.

Designed by Aleš and Boštjan Gabrijelčič. 
ZGDW 2023 Award.