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Nicoless Backpack


Work as we know it – in a fixed, closed working environment – is obsolete. 

New #Covid-19 experience has also shown us an urge to appreciate our freedom and comfort in nature.

NicoLess BackpackWorking environments will not be limited to standard offices. Such a flexible workplace will require you to work in different locations and on different occasions (use your imagination).  In this spirit of the times Donar introduces a multifunctional backpack in co-operation with designers at Primoz Jeza Design Studio that is also a folding chair that can be easily assembled for use both indoors and out.

This special project was made before Covid-19 crisis for the installation of Slovenian Centre for creativity in Milano. With its name Tunnel 29 this became a visionary project for Milano design week (at Ventura) that never happened.

Backpack is made entirely out of recycled felt leftovers from Donar’s production and lycra leftovers from University of Ljubljana (textile department).


The foldable base is made either from plywood (also scrap) or special patented material made out of recycled PET bottles.

Given all information this is a 100% up-cycled product entirely made out of trash!  

Nicoless Backpack can also be re-used with Nicoless frame as a multiple award winner Nicoless chair.

Nicoless Backpack will premiere at Museum of Architecture and Design at Tunel 29 exhibition from 18th of June till 16th of August.

Nicoless Backpack was co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.