We are pleased to announce that two of Donar’s star products have been selected by the Slovenian 'Center for Creativity’ to be exhibited at Ventura Future as representatives of good Slovenian design that promotes sustainable principles and contributes to cooperation between designers and companies.

Donar being at Ventura Future in Milan is a great opportunity to come and see us and talk to us about how we can change the way you look at furniture.
Ventura Future is part of Milan Design Week which runs from 09.04.19 until 14.04.19. For tickets and more information about
Ventura Future:
click here
Two Chairs.
A tribute to the great industrial designer Niko Kralj and his Shell chair. A utility chair which can be linked together and stacked for storage. Beautiful. Useful. Sustainable.
The Collodi chair is proof that sustainability enhances rather than compromises on the ergonomic and aesthetic features of a product. The chair is part of the Collodi family produced by Donar.
One planet.
The two chairs were designed with one aim. To use material that is considered trash. In the Nico Less chair we recycle 70 plastic bottles* and in the Collodi chair we recycle 52 plastic bottles.

We can also make them from felt that is an industrial residue that would otherwise be incinerated.
Simple. Trash can be made in to the beautiful.

At Donar we don’t want to make sustainability an option we want to make it the only option.

*if we consider the weight of a plastic bottle is 14g
We will be in Milan all week so when you come and visit us at Ventura Future we can talk about chairs or tables or the best place to have coffee in Milan. We can talk about the football or the weather but at Donar we really want to talk about one thing.
We want to talk about how Donar is at the forefront of innovation in terms of reducing the environmental impact of the furniture you choose and why choosing Donar products is the best thing for all our futures.

For more information about Donar or about visiting us at the show please do not hesitate to contact us at 

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